Brixton Forged PF9 CARBON+
Brixton Forged PF9 CARBON+
Brixton Forged PF9 CARBON+

Brixton Forged PF9 CARBON+



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2-Piece, Dymag Carbon Fiber Barrel

Designed for the true super-car enthusiast, the Brixton Forged Carbon+ Series utilizes the highest quality APP 6061-T6 Aerospace grade forged aluminum faces combined with the ultralight Dymag Boxstrom BX-F carbon fiber barrel and RAU Titanium assembly hardware.

Typically 25% lighter than its aluminum counterpart, the Carbon+ Series provides the versatility of a multi-piece wheel while remaining the lightest weight, track ready wheel in our lineup; specifically designed and tested for super-cars and hyper-cars alike.

Each wheel set is tailored to be the most optimal combination of lightweight forging profiles and surface milling features. The result is a wheel set designed to increase dynamic cornering response, acceleration, and decreasing overall stopping distances.

Available sizes in 20″

20×9 | 20x9.5 | 20x10 | 20x11 | 20×12

Available sizes in 21″



Face: APP 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum
Barrel: Dymag Boxstrom BX-F Carbon Fiber
Construction: 2-Piece
Finish Face: Custom

Dymag, the British designer and manufacturer of industry-leading carbon hybrid barrels, has teamed up to produce the highest quality carbon integrated wheel, the all new Brixton Forged Carbon+ Series.

The Boxstrom BX-F Carbon Fiber barrel by Dymag incorporates patented carbon construction, allowing it to harness unparalleled safety and performance characteristics over other carbon manufacturers – all while reducing wheel weight by approximately 25%.